36 thoughts on “Lights

    1. When I first saw it, “simplicity” came to mind, but “minimalist abstraction” is nice, too. It’s intrigued me that removing either the cloud or the lighthouse seems to make the photo less interesting. It’s the wisdom of the Three Bears again. Sometimes there’s too much detail, sometimes there’s not enough, and sometimes it’s just right.

  1. I am having some long overdue repair and renovation work done. This beautiful lighthouse scene is just what I need; a light to guide me through the chaos!

    1. It sounds as though you’re lacking in that other kind of R & R just now: rest and relaxation. I’m glad the lighthouse appeals. Repair and renovation is a special kind of chaos; when we’re in the middle of it, a little beauty and simplicity always is good.

    1. We do have the most beautiful sunsets here. One of the signs of spring is a slow change from the lavenders and pinks of winter to the reds, yellows, and oranges of summer. It’s ever-changing, and delightful.

    1. Thanks, Gary. If you haven’t read To The Lighthouse, you might enjoy it. A thread running through it is the struggle to complete a painting, to have it correspond to the painter’s vision. There are some musings that remind me very much of things you’ve written on your own site.

    1. I’m sure you’re learning some interesting lessons about less and more right about now, too, eremophila. The thing I’ve always loved about offshore sailing is the sense of space, and this captures that sense nicely, even though it’s obviously a near-shore photo.

    1. You know what’s funny, Jeanie? I didn’t appreciate it at the time. There wasn’t any time.The light can change so quickly that when I spotted something happening, it was all run-and-rush to get the camera, get outdoors, and figure out how to capture the scene. The fact that I managed to get the lighthouse light was (dare I say it?) lagniappe.

  2. “I want to be where the talk of the town is about last night when the sun went down…” – Jack Johnson/lyrics

    That was a stunning sunset! Was that the edge of a front? Such a strong line and soothing colors…

    1. It was the edge of a front, but the back edge. A Pacific front had moved through from the west, so there was a long, smooth stream of clouds to the north. We’re moving into the good sunset season now, and I’m looking forward to it.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. I just skimmed the covers of the series, and lo — no tangerine. So, how about The Tangerine Trauma? or Apricots and Alligators? The possibilities are endless — and now I’m going to have Buffett’s lyrics in mind for days. If I see Gardner McKay and the leaky Tiki cruising by, I’ll give you a call.

    1. They’re comforting, anyway — unless you’re too close. Where there are lighthouses, there are dangers to be avoided — which sailors certainly hope to do. Our Texas lighthouses tend to mark channels, passes, and shallows, but some of the lighthouses on either coast, or in places like England, are in dramatic locations. I do love a good lighthouse.

    1. It’s quite different from yours — partly because of the nature and location of the lighthouse. But it’s my lighthouse, so I do my best to show it off.

    1. That lighthouse has about a three-second light, which made things much easier. And you’re right about the bowsprit. Sailing into the sunset, we could call it.

      1. Hey, did you see that meteor that streaked across the western sky the other night about 9-10? We didn’t know what it was at the time. Thought kids had some Roman Candle fireworks, but there was only one flying green blob. Saw it on the news a bit later as it came across I45.
        Cool! (And if we’d only had a camera ready…)

        1. I didn’t see or hear about it. I’ve seen a couple, and they are spectacular. Lucky you, to have been out and about. I didn’t know there’s an American Meteor Society where such things can be reported. Next time you see one, you should submit your sighting to them.

  3. That is rather spectacular. I agree with your comment above that eliminating either element would detract from the overall composition. How did you decide to crop the bottom away?

  4. Now I wish I remembered what she was alluding to – I mostly just remember that I loved the book – terrible, but the rest fades away. Like the sunset I guess.

    1. Her writing is so dense and layered — and memorable — I sometimes remember phrases or passages, but haven’t a clue where they come from. That’s when Google books proves its worth.

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