In Transit


The moving company and Comcast willing and the creek don’t rise, tomorrow night I’ll be in my new spot, ready to get reconnected to the internet. Things have gone quite smoothly, although I have envied this brown-headed cowbird a time or two. Were that moving from one home to another were so easy!


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69 thoughts on “In Transit

    1. As long as we don’t define ‘timely’ too carefully, all will be well. Once the boxes are gone I think there will be a little light furniture re-arranging, but that’s to be expected. It’s quite a different feel here, but I like it.

    1. It was the smoothest move I’ve ever experienced, including the one attempted by that Italian exchange student in 1962. I’m in the new place, and I think I’m going to enjoy it; it helped that the weather was perfect on the day of the move — sunny and cool.

    1. I loved that streamlined effect. He looks like he could have been on a logo for one of the old Streamliner trains. This morning I found myself playing with a little parody on Kayyam’s famous lines: “A cup of coffee, an internet connection, and wow! — I’m singing in the wilderness…”

  1. I hope that all goes well for you. There seem to be so many horror stories about unscrupulous moving companies. I hope you have hired a good one.

    1. They were perfect: prompt, personable, and obviously well-practiced in the art of the move. There wasn’t a single bit of damage, and they managed it in far less time than I’d imagined. Before they’d been gone an hour I’d received a text, an email, and a call from the office, wanting confirmation that the move had met my expectations, or whether there were issues to be addressed. It was great.

    1. I hooked up the computer yesterday afternoon, and sure enough — when I flipped the switch, the modem gleamed, and the connection was there. I finally figured it out — since the contract is between the apartment complex and Comcast (I pay the complex, not Comcast directly), it probably is always-on. They just switched my location, and the deed was done.

    1. I watched one of my new (young) neighbors being moved in yesterday by family and friends. I remember those days. This was easier. I’m still amazed that I got all of the parts of pieces of the computer system hooked up in fifteen minutes. Labeling the various cords certainly helped.

    1. The best luck of all was that my computer desk and printer cart fit perfectly just where I wanted it: next to the largest window in the place. It won’t be too long before a peanut feeder goes up!

    1. I’m really happy with my decision, Lavinia, and happy with this new place. The move was problem-free, and now all I need is a little more energy. I’m heading off to work today, to rest up.

  2. Happy Move, Linda! One good thing about relocation: the opportunity to rid yourself of clutter you don’t need in an attempt to start anew. Yes, we can do that at any time, but who really does until they have to, right?!

    1. Exactly. And the sorting before the move is going to be complemented by a little re-sorting now. I anticipated that, because there was no way to be certain what should be kept and what should be moved along until I got into the new space. Sentimentality is fine, but things that have been kept just because they’ve always been kept are necessarily good additions to a space!

    1. The landing was smooth as could be. Taking off again is a little hard just now, since I keep stumbling over things or running into mountains of boxes, but a couple of evenings of unpacking will help with that.

    1. I remember when you moved — it’s hard to believe a year has passed already. The only real problem I had during this move came when I suddenly had no idea where my camera and lenses were. It took a couple of hours, but I found them, and of course as soon as I did, I remembered putting them “there” so nothing would happen to them. I’ll certainly be glad to get everything unpacked and get back in some sort of routine.

  3. You never realize just how much stuff you have until you have to schlep it to a new house. I seriously downsized the move before last, but this last move, I still had too much durn stuff. I hope your stuff makes it unscathed to the new digs, and a blessing on your domicile.

    1. Unscathed it was, but you’re right that there still is too much. In my mom’s case, it was yarn. In mine, it’s china. A friend nearly died trying to move hundreds and hundreds of books, and finally decided it was time for a Kindle and inter-library loan. Funny creatures, we are.

      I did spot three squirrels playing in the cypress trees out front this afternoon, and there’s at least two in the live oak by the parking lot. I might see if they’re interested in my bluejays’ leftover peanuts.

    1. Not far at all. In fact, when I came down the stairs from my former apartment, I could see my new one across the parking lot and some lawn. The duranta made it safely, and it still has a bee buzzing around. It would be funny if the same bee made the move with me.

      The monarchs have been thick the past two days — thick at least in the sense of several per hour. I’m a little surprised, but it certainly has been great flying weather.

  4. Most of our past moves were always associated with the promise of ‘never again’. Now, on my own I will keep that promise. Mind you, all together we did not move all that often, compared with many people.
    All the best with your new home, Linda.

    1. That made me laugh, Gerard. I do believe the phrase “never again” might have crossed my lips a time or two while this process was going on. I went through a period of a couple of decades when I think the longest time I spent in one spot was four years; if nothing else, I learned how to move efficiently. Despite my waffling about this move, now that it’s done, I’m glad, and I think I’m going to have a cozy little spot once I get it put together to my liking.

  5. I was thinking well, the cowbird has to gather twigs and build a nest. Then I thought, no, the cowbird actually lays its eggs in other birds nests and merrily flies away. I was reading in Scientific American yesterday that some 200 species of birds take advantage of this trick. Anyway, sounds like the move is going as smooth as could be hoped for. Moving is never easy. At least for me. Good luck, Linda. –Curt

      1. Deb, I just found this comment in spam, while looking for another reader who’d landed in the same sorry place. I’m going to have to start checking that spam folder more regularly, and not just when someone let’s me know a comment’s disappeared. You’re right about the slightly disreputable cowbird, of course — but the other way to see them is as clever and opportunistic. I suppose it depends on whether it’s your nest they’re robbing!

    1. I had no idea that so many birds will “nest rob.” I just learned that burrowing owls sometimes will forgo making their own burrow and just move into a prairie dog hole. I’m not sure what the prairie dogs think about that. Coming home to find an entirely different creatures in your digs (no pun intended!) would be quite an experience.

      Anyway — all’s well. I have coffee, internet, clean sheets, and nice neighbors. I’ve met three of the four in my “corridor” and they’re nice as can be: young, friendly, and polite. There are some friendly but polite dogs around, too — and squirrels!

      1. Laughing, Linda. What more could one ask for! If you watch birds a lot, like I do since the feeder is just outside my window where my writing chair sits, you quickly learn that they are sneaky guys quite ready to take advantage of whatever opportunities come their way. –Curt

  6. I hope the move is uneventful and nothing broken or damaged.

    Don’t forget to make your bed first (so that no matter what the state of your apartment, you’ve got fresh sheets and a comfortable bed to lie in the night of the move.

    Good Luck, Linda.

    1. Nothing broken, nothing damaged — although I have had the odd experience of opening a box and thinking, “Oh. I forgot I had that.” There are a few things I can’t find, but they’ll turn up eventually. Toward the end, I got a little lax about labeling boxes!

  7. I must say that that cow bird is winging it as if on a mission. Nose straight ahead and with purpose. Yes, if it only it were that easy but then you have to remember that the flight of that bird is not without peril. Hawks and what not could surely take it down if its luck changed in a heart beat.

    1. The bird’s image tickled me for just that reason — it looks as purposeful as a bird could look. Of course there could be a hawk lurking about, but a hawk could pick off prey just sitting on a branch as well as in flight, so — we might as well keep flying!

    1. It has. The unpacking’s a bit of a chore, of course, but there were no untoward occurrences, and I was perfectly satisfied with the movers. They did a fine job, and did it quickly.

  8. Moves can be difficult and sat times traumatic. It does not appear that either word applies to yours which is good to hear. You must be settling in by now. Good times in the new place.
    Nice capture of the cowbird. A better view than the one we get of them raiding our feeders.

    1. No trauma, for sure, and only the difficulty of stiff-sore-and-tired from schlepping boxes and etc. The settling will take some time, but at least the pressure of a deadline is gone. I went back to work today and enjoyed it tremendously: the weather was beautiful, and there were no stairs involved!

      1. I envy the no stairs aspect. Even thought it is only one flight my knees are not enjoying the repeated trips to the wood stove. Glad all went smooth and you’re having nice weather.

          1. Thanks, Deb. No there isn’t. We’ve been heating with wood almost the entire time we’ve owned our house…since January 1985. A short blip while we tried pellets but went back to wood pretty quickly. The heat is wonderful but the “feel” of that heat is unique and can’t be replaced by anything else. And there’s always that slight whiff of smoke that we find pleasant as well. The basement is the better place as our livingroom could only handle a smaller stove. At least all the trips contribute to my 10,000 steps.

      2. Glad that all went smoothly and those stairs are in your rear view mirror now. I am surprised your building doesn’t have an elevator for folks to use, especially for moving. I guess you got your 10,000 steps in multiple times.

        1. There is an elevator, but it’s at the other end of the building. It would have doubled or tripled the amount of walking, so it wasn’t that much of an assist. As it was, the flight of stairs was almost literally right outside my door — at least I didn’t have to go up a different flight. The movers didn’t use the elevator, either. They said it was too much of a pain, although to me hoisting all that furniture on their backs and casually walking down those stairs would have been more of a pain. Actually, it would have been impossible. Those young men were strong.

  9. Happy Homecoming!! I’d say home is where the heart is and I do mean that, but today home is where the internet is for all practical purposes of exchange and communication with friends!!

    1. Exactly. I’m glad to have my iPad for casual use, but I’m much more comfortable with my desktop. I was pleased with my ability to get things up and running, but I’m still puzzled about one extra cord I found. I don’t recognize it, and can’t imagine what it’s for, since everything is working. I suppose eventually I’ll find whatever’s not plugged in — or it may be leftover from a previous set up. In any case, too many pieces is better than too few!

      1. Probably just a stray cable that was once attached to something long forgotten. Cleaning up workstation cables is always a long time coming for me with plenty of ‘what was this for’ going on. Happy you are up and running with hardly a missed post!!

  10. So glad to hear the move went well and that you are back on the internet without any strife. Y’see, the gods smile on the righteous!Wishing you every happiness in your new home. xxx

    1. The gods might smile on the righteous, but it’s just as possible they take pity on the disorganized! Labeling everything as I took it apart helped, as did insisting that I was going to deal with the computer myself. I’m sure the movers would have done a careful job with it, but I didn’t want to be left with a tangle of disconnected wires to sort!

    1. That’s so true. Sometimes we revel in it, sometimes we try to deny it, and sometimes we wish there weren’t quite so much of it, but movement and life are synonymous.

    1. I had no idea that I’d caught that sense of streamlining, but when I saw the photo, I laughed, and thought, “I know how to use this one!” I do believe the last of the boxes will be emptied today — so what if things still are strewn all over? It takes time to figure out where things belong.

    1. The photo’s been hanging around for a while, just because I liked the streamlined look of the bird. When I decided to move, I remembered it, and the title came in a flash. I am glad to have landed. I’m certainly looking forward to a new year, and discoveries in this new place.

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