The Dream of Now

Iris virginica ~ Brazoria county


When you wake to the dream of now
from night and its other dream,
you carry day out of the dark
like a flame.
When spring comes north, and flowers
unfold from earth and its even sleep,
you lift summer on with your breath
lest it be lost ever so deep.
Your life you live by the light you find
and follow it on as well as you can,
carrying through darkness wherever you go
your one little fire that will start again.
                                       “The Dream of Now” ~ William Stafford


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When Worlds Collide


I couldn’t help smiling when I found this concrete ‘vase’ filled with plastic roses at the Rockport City Cemetery. 

In time, as the profusion of spring wildflowers fades away, these artificial blooms will continue to serve as tokens of remembrance, but they’ll never equal the glorious spread of color nature provided this year.


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A Flower To Feed The Heart

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena)

The old-fashioned garden annual known as Love-in-a-mist takes its name from the delicate, asparagus-like foliage that surrounds the flowers both in bud and in bloom.

But asparagus doesn’t come to mind when I encounter Nigella’s bud. Instead, I see the shape of my favorite dumpling: char siu bao, a pork-filled delight I first met in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where I was introduced to Dim Sum.

Dim Sum is variously translated as “dot heart,” “to touch the heart,” or “a light touch on the heart.” As part of a garden buffet, Love-in-a-mist provides that touch as well.



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