A World Adrift


After a combination of wind and currents drove floating algae into one corner of a San Bernard Refuge pond, it smoothed the edges, creating a noticeable separation between the mass of algae and the clearer pond water. 

The sight reminded me of photos of Earth taken from space. In those images, the oceans’ blues predominate. Here, the green of an imaginary planet suggests the beauty of life and growth in a ‘world’ formed by unseen forces.


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Spring In The Heart of Texas

A spineless prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ellisiana) celebrates the season with new growth

But if you’d like to give it an encouraging pat on its pad, be careful. Though missing the long, sharp spines associated with cacti, all prickly pear — even the so-called “spineless” — are covered with nearly invisible glochids.  Less obvious than larger spines, they can be even more painful to experience, and far more difficult to remove.


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