Looking Toward Winter

Soybeans and silo ~ Chase County, Kansas

Whatever you’re storing for the winter — be it acorns, soybeans, apples, or nuts — be sure to choose your container carefully.


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A bit of additional information:
After looking at photos of similar silos, it became obvious that the split in the side was common. Mike Holder, District Extension Director for Agriculture & Natural Resources in the area, told me that the space would have been taken up by a series of small doors. Before filling, the doors were closed, and then the silage was blown in. As it was needed, one door after another was opened, beginning from the top, and the silage tossed down. Most doors were wooden, and they sometimes were removed when a silo was no longer used.

The Red Leaf’s Tree


I bite into a persimmon
and a bell resounds –
Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902)


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For more information on the importance of persimmons in Japan, and a link to other Shiki persimmon haiku, please click here. (Hōryū-ji is a temple in Nara, Japan.)