Every Day Is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Had it not been for Steve Gingold, I would have missed celebrating January 21 as Squirrel Appreciation Day.  I developed a special fondness for these critters during the eight years I enjoyed one as a pet and housemate. Eventually, he died of old age, but only after providing everyone who knew him with stories galore.

This beauty, who lives in a nearby palm tree, isn’t exactly a pet, but she does come running for her shelled pecan whenever she sees me. Of course I carry one or two in my pocket, just in case.

Because the day has stirred some humorous memories, I’ve reposted the tale of my squirrely companion at The Task at Hand, under the title “Recalling Those Dandelion Days.”

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Jeanie’s Gift

When a package arrived a week or so ago from my friend Jeanie Croope, I had no idea what she might have sent. It turned out to be a set of three watercolor paintings of my beloved Dixie Rose, who died a year ago today. 

The image above was painted from the first photo I took of Dixie, when she was four months old.

While I’ve been learning to write, Jeanie’s been learning to paint, and watching her progress has been a joy. Being able to share her portrait of Dixie Rose is a perfect way to mark this day, just as this slightly revised version of Carl Sandburg’s famous poem seems just right.

The cat came in
on little fog feet.
She curled into my life,
took her ease
in silent dreaming,
and then moved on.


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