Meet Aristophanes


Many years ago, photographer Judy Lovell graciously allowed me to use her photo of Plato the Pelican in one of my blog posts.

I’m as fond of Plato as Judy, and still enjoy seeing him from time to time.  I never imagined I would find a bird equally striking, but in January of this year I discovered this crested caracara sitting on a fence post at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge.

Initially, I thought to name him Cicero, just for the sake of alliteration: Cicero the Caracara does have a bit of a ring to it. But every time I look at him I laugh, so Aristophanes it is. Not only was Aristophanes (c. 450 bce – c. 388 bce) a great comic playwright, one of his finest plays still is enjoyable and amusing. It’s title? The Birds.


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