Sparkle and Shine


No snowflakes drift through our skies, and we’re generally denied the sharp glitter of sunlight on ice during our winter season. Still, the delicate, snowflake-like blooms of perennial saltmarsh aster (Symphyotrichum tenuifolium) linger late into the year, decorating the edges of ponds and sloughs.

Not a choosy plant, they’ll grow wherever water collects. Here, reflections from a water-filled ditch along a Brazoria County road add elegance to a favorite winter flower.


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A Warmer Snowflake

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena)


Once in bloom, Nigella’s flower bears less resemblance to a dim sum delicacy than it does to a delicate snowflake. With winter snowflakes swirling around my window and icicles forming on the birdbaths and railings, this late spring “snowflake” becomes an especially pleasing reminder of a more colorful –and warmer — season to come. While it blooms in several colors, including lavender, yellow, blue, and pink, I’m especially fond of the white.


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